Day #096 – Drawing the Calf

I got some good feedback on some of my previous gesture drawings that I was consistently getting the area around the calf muscles wrong. I kind of realized I was doing this as I was doing it but at the same time they weren’t getting much better. Whether this was because of the time restraints on the gesture drawings or (more likely) that I was doing them unconsciously and not focusing properly I’m not sure, either way I thought it would be a useful exercise to do some gesture drawings but only focus on the leg and calf area. By doing this I’d have more time to practice the legs and I’d also be consciously trying to address a blind spot. In the end I didn’t have as much time today as I’d have liked to focus on this exercise (I spent about 25 minutes on these) but I think the idea is a good one and I think I’ll continue to do this kind of focused practice on my weak spots moving forwards. All of these were done using the Pose Maniacs gesture drawing tool.

practicing drawing the calf muscle

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