Day #097 – Banana, Apple and Tangerine Still Life Drawing

Here’s a still life of some fruit. Would have been better to tone the paper first and then use my white pastel for highlights but I went and did it the harder way that looks more messy: drawing the fruit first then shading around them… smudged the shading together to blend it a bit nicer which improved it but it’s still nothing special.

Got some good advice on Reddit to spend longer on a single drawing. Like 6-8 hours. I know this will be a useful exercise for me but my brain resists because I associate it with painstaking hard work. I will try to psyche myself up over the next few days. Have been extremely busy with life and work which is the excuse I’m going with for now.

Still life drawing of a banana, apple and tangerine

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One Response to “Day #097 – Banana, Apple and Tangerine Still Life Drawing”

  1. resonanteye says:

    try to loosen up, that will help your stamina too. your hand and arm working loosely, instead of tensed, makes you less tired after a few hours! nice work.

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