Day #098 – Waterloo Gardens Drawing

Today was the warmest day of the year so far (at least where we are). Walked around the parks by our home for an hour or so and then sat down and did a bit of drawing. Finally it’s warm enough to just sit on the grass and enjoy nature a little bit. I didn’t’ realize how much I missed nice weather until just now. Really excited that we’re on the good side of the seasons. Looking forward to the summer months ahead and hopefully doing lots of outdoor drawings.

So I did a couple of quick warm up drawings of a bench and a daisy and then did a slightly more complete drawing of Waterloo Gardens. I didn’t take too much time on the details but I think I picked up the essence of what I was looking at to some degree. I took some artistic license by adding a flower to the foreground which was actually behind me from where I did the rest of the drawing.

Drawings of a bench and a daisy

Drawing of Waterloo Gardens

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