Day #101 – Drawing People on Reddit

There’s a cool subreddit called Reddit Get’s Drawn where users  post their own photos requesting people illustrate them. In my mind it’s a really cool idea for a few reasons:

a) You can get practice drawing everyday people with normal lighting rather than typical celebrity photos

b) It’s an easy way to overcome “artists block” where you can’t think of anything to draw.

c) You can potentially make somebody else happy. If they’ve posted they want to be drawn and so you gain extra motivation. Not only do you have the intrinsic reward of creating something you also get the extrinsic reward of at least one person being excited to see it!

So I did a couple of drawings in a different manner than I’ve drawn before. I used a marker pen and didn’t pencil in anything first. This forces me to embrace mistakes but also to take a little longer thinking before each line is laid. I did my drawings on toned paper and used my white pastel to add highlights afterwards. It’s interesting because even though these drawings are full of way more technical mistakes than others that I’ve spent longer on they are, in a way, perhaps more interesting to look at. The first drawing in particular I’m quite happy with considering I couldn’t erase anything. The second is really quite bad but I still found it enjoyable to draw!

Drawing of Reddit user virogar

Drawing of Reddit user brolivia

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