Day #114 – Drawing Hands

I’ve linked to this resource in the sidebar for a while but today was the first time that I actually made use of it. It’s a collection of illustrative tutorials on how to draw hands.

I could have spent longer copying more of these but I stopped at 5 and will probably continue tomorrow. It feels like this is a super helpful practice. By copying other artists drawings you are forced to evaluate the reasons behind each line they’ve made. And as you copy more and more you begin to notice the lines the occur over and over and how they relate to real life. I look down at my own wrist and see how in most poses there is a clear crease dividing the hand from the arm. This process quickly leads to making finer distinctions that I might make drawing from a photograph. By removing most detail and observing strict economy of line the artist shows me what the essential parts are that give a hand its handness.

Drawing hands

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