Day #118 – Drawing Maia Asleep

Found time today to do another drawing of my little baby munchkin Maia. It was drawn from a photograph I took first rather than directly from life. She’s far too unpredictable to stay still, I feel, for any kind of long drawing. In the near future though I hope to do more quick 5 minute life sketches of her. She’s pretty much taking up most of our time so it makes sense to use her as practice fodder. Sorry Maia!

So I did this drawing from a reference photo I printed out while we looked after her in front of the TV. I’m actually pretty happy with this drawing. I think I’ve captured her likeness pretty accurately. The hair, mouth, chin are definitely pretty close. I’m also more pleased than usual with my shading which I kept fairly consistent and didn’t rush like I often do. The weakest part is probably the  consistency of the shading. That is to say I still have trouble in getting the tone value exactly how I want it. Very easy to add either too much or too little which means overall the light looks a little inconsistent. All things considered though, I’m pretty happy with today’s output.
Drawing of my daughter Maia sleeping

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