Day #119 – Don Draper Drawing

I love that Mad Men is back on our screens and to celebrate my continued enjoyment of the new series today’s drawing is Don Draper and his sidekick Mr. Cigarette. I’m fairly pleased with this. I like the hair because it’s an area I usually struggle with but I think I got it close-ish this time. I also like the nose, another area I’m typically lacking confidence. On the other side of the coin I think the fingers are pretty crappy and I could definitely have spent more time on the lips… they’re slightly off and it’s probably what stops the drawing being a definite likeness.

Drawing of Don Draper of Mad Men

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One Response to “Day #119 – Don Draper Drawing”

  1. traceamountofpeanuts says:

    Absolutely stunning! I absolutely love the rendering! It inspires me to do more portrait studies myself!

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