Day #151 – More Figure Drawing Practice

Another 30 minute classroom session at Pixel Lovely. In reverse order: 11 minute drawing, 2 5 minute drawings, some 1 minute gesture drawings and some 30 second scribbles.

11 minute nude figure drawing

5 minute figure drawings

60 second gesture drawings

30 Second Gesture Drawings


Day #150 – Severus Snape Drawing

I’m not a Harry Potter fan but I do like Alan Rickman… I think this drawing kinda sucks though. Happy to hit day #150 though. Another nice milestone. Happy days!

Pencil Drawing of Severus Snape


Day #149 – Tyrion Lannister Drawing

Small drawing (2-1/2″ x 3-1/2 inch) of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Fairly happy with it.

Drawing of Tyrion Lannister


Day #148 – Maia Sleeping Sketch (Again)

I’m trying to do more life-drawing and as I’m usually taking the night shift watching Maia when I get some time in the day she is an obvious repeated subject! This was a fairly quick drawing, maybe 10-15 minutes. She tends to move in her sleep a lot so I don’t think I could have taken longer even if I’d wanted to.

Drawing of baby Maia asleep again


Day #147 – Hand Drawing from Life

Did this hand/arm drawing from life. I tried to suggest the form with hatching but it’s ended up making it look like an old person’s hand instead. Overall I think it looks okay but nothing great. I also did a couple more very quick sketches of Maia.

Drawing of a female hand

More quick sketches of Maia