Day #131 – Crosshatching Practice with Baby Noses

I wanted to practice my cross-hatching and nose drawings so I devised myself a practice tool to help with both that I could do on the sofa whilst looking after Maia.

First I took a bunch of photos of her nose from various angles. Below each photo I put the same picture but at a very low opacity and below that I left a space for a final drawing.

The process is to trace over the outline on the low opacity version to get a basic nose then use the full opacity photo above to guide my shading which, in this case, I tried to do entirely with crosshatching.

Finally I drew the same noses again this time copying my own drawings rather than tracing and practiced crosshatching for a second time.

All of these were done with a biro, the first time I’ve used this pen for drawing since the challenge began.

I came up with this idea myself (might be a common thing people do but I definitely thought of independently) and I have no idea whether it’s helpful at all but it was quite fun to do and I’m sure it can’t hurt so if anybody likes the look of the exercise have a go yourself and see how you find it!

Drawings of Baby noses for crosshatching practice

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