Day #143 – Wine Glass Colour Drawing

Tried another colour pencil drawing today. Happier with this one than the last few but still having a lot of problems drawing curves accurately. Wine glass was drawn from a photograph not still-life.

Colour Pencil drawing of a Wine Glass

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2 Responses to “Day #143 – Wine Glass Colour Drawing”

  1. Looks good, and I like the fact you are using colour but I think you will progress quicker from focusing on still life imagery rather than photos which is why art teachers always make their students work from real objects. The problem with photos is you are essentially copying flattened 2-dimentsional lines and colour and not analysing the 3-dimensional space in your brain, so those mental pathways don’t develop so quickly.

    • Davy says:

      That’s what I’ve been hearing repeatedly since I began the challenge but I like the way you put it about mental pathways. I do try to draw from life sometimes but it definitely takes longer and requires more focus and emotional energy because I can’t stop and start and have to keep very still which is a bit harder when trying to draw around the baby’s activities. That is partly an excuse though cause even before she came I probably only drew from life about 35% of the time. I’m thinking a life-drawing class would be a good return on my time actually.

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