Day #156 – Maia in Charcoal

My charcoal pencils arrived today and I tested them out with a drawing of Maia (from a photograph).

I don’t really know how to use them at all. Haven’t read any advice or watched any videos or anything and I felt a bit lost with my blending… I just ended up using my finger and it got a bit messy and hard to  stay within ‘the lines’… at the same time it was a lot of fun and even though the actual drawing is very inaccurate I think the blending and ‘feel’ of the piece is much more three dimensional than using normal pencils. I can see why people recommend charcoal as an excellent medium to improve your sense of volume and shade.

I definitely think I’ll be working more with these going forward as it felt quite freeing after using pencils for so long. I also enjoyed being able to get the darks, REALLY DARK as it meant the highlights popped out of the page more!

Charcoal drawing of Maia

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