Day #164 – Kerrygold Butter Drawing

Started putting this stuff in my coffee, highly recommended.

I’m reasonably happy with the outcome of the drawing. I think the proportions are fairly decent but the complicated part where it says ‘Kerrygold’ across the front it gets pretty messy but I suspected that before I even tackled it… very outside my comfort zone. I think I made a mistake in using black pen for the cow… even though it was black on the original product I believe the change in medium makes it seem too separate from the rest of the drawing. I’ve heard that good painters don’t use black paint but rather get a black likeness by mixing various colours together… I believe this might be the reason they do that. Because a pure black would look ‘off’ even if it the area on the object you’re copying looks black to the eye it’s probably not.

Kerrygold Butter


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