Day #177 – Alan Sugar Drawing

Alan Sugar is so ridiculous. He claims not to like “arselickers” but requires all the contestants on his show to refer to him, in unison, as “Lord Sugar” like an actual cult. I read the first chapter of his book and it was full of contradictions and hypocrisy. For example, he was arguing that businesses should have more freedom from regulations on the grounds that the businessman owns his business so should decide for himself who he hires and who he fires. I actually agree with this. However, a few pages later he was arguing that people caught with drugs should get much harsher sentences. He doesn’t afford to them the same freedom to do with their own body what they wish that he wants for his own business. In other words, Alan Sugar is the worst kind of person in that he makes up his philosophy on the fly to fit his own self-interests and he does it BRAZENLY.

On the other hand he has a fun craggy face which is ideal for drawing so I’m giving him more attention than he deserves by allocating him a whole blog entry! On the up-side I kind of messed it up so it doesn’t actually look like him. I do think the drawing looks decent enough if you didn’t know who I was trying to draw. I mean I’m quite happy with it as a drawing of a three-dimensional human… just got the proportions and details a bit wrong.

Drawing of Alan Sugar

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