Day #212 – Several Anatomical Drawings

Did a few quick anatomy sketches. Some hands, a foot and a couple of crossed legs:

Drawing of Crossed Legs

Drawing of two hansd

Foot on tip toe


Day #211 – Face in Shadow

Drawing of a man’s face in shadow from an advert I spotted in Empire Magazine. I’m quite pleased with the nose in particular:

Drawing of a face in shadow


Day #210 – Gesture Drawings Session 15

I haven’t done a session of gesture drawings in a while. These were all 90 seconds per pose.

gesture drawings session 15


Day #209 – Drawing of an Egyptian Lady

Another figure drawing. It’s an Egyptian lady I believe. Photographic reference.

Drawing of an Egyptian Lady


Day #208 – Female Nude With Sheet

Another drawing of a nude with a sheet. About an hour on this. Quite happy with how it turned out.

Female Nude with Sheet