Day #182 – Half Way There

It’s day #182, the 1st of July meaning I’m now past the half-way point in the challenge. Psychologically this is a nice feeling. During the past six months a lot has changed, most notably the birth of my daughter. Free-time has certainly got more scarce not less and so I’m proud of myself for managing to draw every day throughout it all. Each day from now onwards will bring me closer to the finishing line than my starting point and that’s exciting to me. If I were to fail with this now I would be more pissed off than if I gave up in week six or day 22… Now it’s fairly significant. Easily the longest run of practiced will-power I’ve pulled off in my life so far even if I were to stop now.

To mark the half-way point I drew my favourite subject again, it’s Maia-baby! It’s not my favourite drawing I’ve done of her but I’m pretty happy with it. Lips are probably the part that needs the most work and I’m most happy with the eyes and left side of the head/cheek area.

Another drawing of the Maia baby xxx

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