Day #190 – Life Drawing Session

So today I finally dragged myself to an actual life drawing group… it’s day #190… shame on me! It was good though. I can immediately see how drawing from actual anatomy with a lot of changes in pose and position leads to the eye seeing the shifts in muscle, curvature, etc.

Below, in reverse chronological order:

  1. A 19 minute drawing
  2. A composite drawing. This was an interesting exercise. We would all start a drawing for 2 minutes and then, like circuits at the gym, all move clockwise to our neighbor’s drawing and add to it for 2 more minutes and so forth. At the end of 5-6 circuits everybody would come back to their drawing and see what had happened to that original 2 minute outline. This was my outline added to by other, mostly better, artists.
  3. A 5 minute drawing
  4. Several warm up 2 minute drawings.

I will definitely try to make this a regular thing now that I’ve bitten the bullet and gone along to one so I’ll be posting the results up here as they happen.

19 minute drawing of a life model

composite drawing of a life model

5 minute drawing of a life model

2 minute life drawing gestures

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