Day #200 – Three Figures

It’s a milestone day: the big #200! I’m pleased with myself for making it this far and the finishing line is beginning to look a lot closer than my starting point… with a bit of luck I might just pull this off!

I did some gesture warm ups and then took my time (relatively–about 10 minutes on each) on three individual figure drawings from the models over at pose maniacs. I tried to draw the individual muscles to help my brain in ‘seeing’ why various body parts twist and turn in the way they do. The figure viewer at PM is very good for this as the 3D models show all skeletal structure of the body. My guess is that that this kind of practice would be even more useful than drawing a photo of a model because your brain has a better chance of ‘getting’ why something looks the way it does.

Day 200 Gesture warm ups

Drawings of three figures

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