Day #243 – Gesture Drawings Session 17

Quick session of small gesture drawings on a single sheet of paper:

Pencil Gesture Drawnings


Day #242 – Lots of Eyes

A bunch of eyes I copied from a page of references somebody else had drawn on Deviant Art.

Drawings of Eyes from different angles


Day #241 – Some More Comic Copies

Another page of quick sketches from the same issue of 2000AD I was copying from yesterday.

Drawings from 2000AD


Day #240 – Leigh Gallagher Copies

Picked up a copy of 2000AD for the first time in years. As a child I used to read it every week with my dad but since then I have only kept up with the major stories intermittently.

There is some fantastic black and white art in this week’s issue by Leigh Gallagher so I copied a few bits from a couple of panels for the day’s work.

Copies of Leigh Gallagher Drawings


Day #239 – Life Drawing Session #6

Another Tuesday, another life-drawing session. Not very happy with today’s results.

some life drawings