Day #218 – Life Drawing Session #3

Went to my local life-drawing group for the third time today. My favorite session so far. The model was very professional in that they were very good at keeping still which helped a lot. Also, there were several prolonged poses which gave me some time to try to capture more detail than I’ve been able in previous weeks. He did three 10 minute poses and two half hour ones. Unfortunately I arrived late and missed the first pose.

I decided to bring my charcoals to this session instead of my pencils and I’m glad I did. A lot more fun to work with in this kind of format as it encourages me to make bolder lines and a broader range of values.

Drawing #1 – 10 Minutes. I was happy with this especially as it was my first drawing of the evening and I hadn’t warmed up at all.  I’m happy with the ‘posterior’ and how it transitions to the foreshortened back. The legs are proportionally kinda off but overall not too bad.

10 Minute Life Drawing Figure

Drawing #2 – 10 Minutes. I think I captured the bent arm and head quite accurately but the legs (and whole body I guess) are squashed a little too short.

10 Minute Life Drawing Figure
Drawing #3 – 30 Minutes. Happy with the left arm and how it transitions to the back. Left leg too is okay. Lost it slightly around the posterior / right leg and the right arm and head are just okay. All of these judgements are relative by the way. When I say ‘okay’ I mean okay relative to my own skill level. It’s obviously very bad compared to what a good artist would expect of themselves.

30 Minute Life Drawing Figure
Drawing #4 – 30 minutes. Pretty happy with this one. I like the back and I think I did a good job of capturing the difficult gesture of the model holding his right leg. Neck is a bit short and transition to back is off. I also sissied out with the toes and just didn’t bother.

30 Minute Life Drawing Figure

Also saw this video linked on Reddit, it’s comic book artist Jim Lee giving a short (20 minutes) lecture on how to draw hands. It contains several lovely nuggets of wisdom and is strongly recommended for all beginners like myself.

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