Day #222 – Copy of a Jon Demartin Drawing

This incredible drawing by Jon Demartin was reprinted in Lessons in Classical Drawing and I could not take my eyes off it. Just incredible skill and observation. Wasn’t sure what to draw today so copying this piece seemed like a logical thing to do as this process I’ve found useful in the past as it helps me to ‘see’ what the artist saw because by trying to copy all their lines you really appreciate the incredible nuance of the work and the specific choices they made which helped create the beautiful illusion of form.

Anyway, I’m happy with my copy in parts… I think the head, fist and horn are all quite good and I’m even okay with the groin area. The arms (especially the lower one) let it down mostly. Off by quite a bit and the muscles look more cartoonist than realistic.

A copy of the drawing Triton by artist Jon Demartin

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