Day #236 – Danny DeVito Drawing

A couple of drawings today. First, a quick portrait of the vertically challenged legend Danny DeVito; second, a study of an image I found on Google that shows the detailed anatomy of the foot.

Drawing of Danny DeVito

Drawing of Foot Anatomy

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2 Responses to “Day #236 – Danny DeVito Drawing”

  1. Nathan S says:

    You guys are getting stellar. It’s amazing to see the progression, and how vastly better you are than when you began. THe improvement is also quite visible in my photography blog… It’s been a blast, learned a ton. Thanks again for the inspiration.


    • Davy says:

      Well Snowy gave up after month one, but if you think my drawings are getting better then that’s great! I often feel like I’m not improving.

      I check in on everydayaphoto quite regularly and your progress (to me) is so much more obvious. The photos are just getting better and better. Massive kudos to you too for sticking with the commitment :) Knowing you’re out there not missing a day is extra motivation to make sure I don’t either!

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