Day #273 – Superman Girl

Reddit user Aeide requested people draw her daughter in her superman outfit. I took a crack at it but decided to act fast and loose in black pen rather than take my time with pencil. It’s been a while since I did something like this and it felt quite liberating and I ended up capturing certain parts of the drawing as well as if I’d taken 3 times as long and been able to erase. Other parts are off but I would expect that and I certainly think there’s something to be learned here about over thinking things.

Drawing of Superman Girl


Day #272 – Lighthouse Drawing

Did a rare landscape drawing today. It’s the lighthouse which sits in a lake not far from our home. We were on a nice Sunday family walk and Maia was asleep when we got here so I had some time to fit in a drawing.

I need to do more reading on perspective and with stuff like this patience makes the finished product so much better… this is pretty rushed… with that said, I think it’s okay in parts.

Drawing of a lighthouse


Day #271 – Clint Eastwood Caricature

I was browsing the fantastic caricature work of  user Chngch on Deviant Art and decided to do a study of his amazing Clint Eastwood piece.

I think it’s come out quite well and going through this process has made me more aware of certain bones than I was before. Maybe study’s of caricatures could be a good way to learn anatomy easier?

Drawing of Clint Eastwood Caricature


Day #270 – Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Did the following drawing of a Pedro Matos original Graffiti piece which was showcased in a coffee-table book I have rarely looked at. I’m pretty happy with this one.

I also copied another simpler piece from the book and tried a drawing from my imagination with colored pencils which sucks but I expected that.

Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Copy of a piece of graffit by blu

Strange face drawn from imagination


Day #269 – Further Noses

Another page of quick sketches of various noses. Not much to say here except that I still find them very hard to draw.

Drawings of noses