Day #304 – Drawing of my Aunt

I did this drawing of my Aunt. I hate the drawing but I’m not sure if it’s because it objectively sucks or because I know that it’s not a close enough likeness. My wife quickly recognized her but I don’t know how cause I really think it sucks.

Drawing of my Aunt


Day #303 – More More Nose Practice

When I practice it seems noses get more of my time than other body parts… probably because I still lack confidence with them but maybe because I’m too scared to practice ears ;)

More Nose Practice


Day #302 – Lady on Box

Mixed day today. I think my final drawing of a lady on a box was decent but I felt extremely rusty and awkward on all my warm up drawings. Meh.

Drawing of a lady on a box

Some warm up drawings


Day #301 – Charcoal Drawing of Mannequin

Combined the drawings of the last two days: Repeating the object from two days ago with the medium of yesterday. CHARCOAL MANNEQUIN!
Don’t think it looks that great. I find it hard to control the charcoal on the edges of the forms which makes it look scrappy and amateur.

Drawing of a Mannequin in Charcoal



Day #300 – Maia Sleeping in Charcoal

The final major milestone of my challenge has been reached! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!

Did another Maia drawing. This time I used charcoal on off white paper and finished it with white pastel highlights. I think it turned out fairly well although the proportions are definitely not perfect.

65 days to go… this has easily been the fastest year of my life so far. Scary.

Charcoal Drawing of Maia Asleep