Day #334 – Skull

Skull drawing. Copied from Stan Prokopenko’s demonstration video.

Drawing of a skull



Day #333 – Peter Jackson Drawing

It’s director Peter Jackson!

Drawing of Peter Jackson


Day #332 – Another Self Portrait

On day #25 I tried a self-portrait as part of an exercise recommended by the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It totally sucked. Today I tried another one and I feel like it was a lot more successful. Perhaps I am improving slowly after all! Done using a mirror. It actually felt really useful as I didn’t need to guess if I wanted to go into detail, I could just move closer to the mirror and see check anything I wanted to check. I can see that disciplining yourself to do this often would help a ton with anatomy and proportions etc.

Another self portrait


Day #331 – Another Drawing of My Sister

Did another drawing of my sister. Tried to achieve the difficult effect of very selective heavy detail with light strokes on the rest of the drawing. In the end I think I unbalanced the finished piece by making the area below the chin too dark. I’m still fairly happy with the drawing overall though.

Drawing of my sister


Day #330 – Life Drawing Session 16

Tuesday life drawing session. Model brought a pole and pulled off some impressive but awkward poses. Because of this a lot of the warm ups were quick 2 minute drawings and the longer poses were only 5 minutes in length. By contrast the very last pose was a full 30 minutes which gave me a chance to take my time more than usual.

Fairly happy with some of the 5 minute drawings considering the time constraint and I think the 30 minute drawing is reasonable for a tough foreshortened angle.

2 minute drawings 5 minute life drawing Drawing of a pole dancer