Day #305 – Inside My Room

What do you do when you realize its’ going to take longer than you thought to draw something? You just stop of course! My blog; my rules… bitch!

This is a view of the interior of my office where I spend most of my day. I think it’s a reasonable drawing but not anything great.

Drawing of the inside of my room

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3 Responses to “Day #305 – Inside My Room”

  1. Paul says:

    I just want to congratulate you on getting this far. The comparison between your first drawing posted and this is phenomenal and inspirational! Keep up the good work, and good luck!

    • Davy says:

      Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words :) Snowy would owe a whole lot but he was clever enough not to follow through and commit to an amount per day at the beginning of the challenge haha.

  2. Paul says:

    Also, how much does Snowy owe xD

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