Day #362 – Drawing of Maia’s Cousin

My sister in law bought me some nice art supplies for Christmas. Tested them out further with this drawing of her daughter who is only a few months younger than Maia and extremely cute!

I think the drawing came out quite nicely and it was enjoyable to work with pens and different shades.

Drawing of Maia's Cousin


Day #361 – Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix

Drawing of this Reddit user:

Drawing of Reddit User Quoth_the_phoenix



Day #360 – Irvin D. Yalom Drawing

I’ve just finished the terrific book Love’s Executioner so drawing its author Irvin D. Yalom was my first thought.

I think I caught the eyes okay but the rest of the drawing is a bit flat and boring.

Drawing of author and Psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom


Day #359 – Long Head Drawing

Merry Christmas everybody :)

Drawing of a man with a long head



Day #358 – Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing

Haven’t copied a master sketch for a while. This is my attempt at replicating a beautiful Matthias Grunewald Drawing I found.

Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing