Day #283 – Toy Dog Drawing

I did a drawing of Maia’s toy dog as it sat against the wall and her mum read her stories. It’s something a bit different and kind of a simple drawing but I think it looks reasonable.

Drawing of a toy dog


Day #130 – Man and Dog Drawing

There’s a Reddit user called Artector who is, in my opinion, an amazing artist. He posts a lot in r/RedditGetsDrawn and I find his stuff inspiring in how good it is. His cross-hatching in particular looks both awesome and effortless. I thought maybe I could consume part of his soul by copying one of his drawings and I picked this one he did of a dude and his dog. My version is pretty bad. Off in loads of places by quite a lot. In my defence I actually LOST my rubber while I was drawing (I was on my sofa). I genuinely couldn’t find it. It’s quite mysterious and I might have to order another before I can correct any more of my numerous mistakes… will try one looking for it one more time tomorrow.

Copy of a drawing by Artector of a man and his dog



Day #124 – Girl in Bed with Pig

It’s a drawing of a girl… in bed… with a pig!

As requested by Reddit user adderas.

I tried to capture the feel of the photograph by simplifying to some of the most important lines rather than attempting a very realistic drawing. I think the result is a bit flat but I’m happy with the proportions of bits of it.

Drawing of Reddit user Adderas's girlfriend in bed with a pig!!!


Day #108 – Dog Drawing

Drew this dog for the user fueledbychar who requested it on Reddit.

Drawing of fueledbychar's dog


Day #077 – Drawing of a Capuchin Monkey

Another day, another really unimpressive drawing. The problem today, I think, was not being fully concentrated on what I was doing. Rather rushing to get something finished as we have family staying and I feel a bit rude disappearing for prolonged periods of time.

I experimented with an idea I saw on Ctrl+Paint which suggested using a blue-pencil to get your loose outline of your object and then switch to your HB (or whatever) dark pencil when you’re ready to put your exact lines down. It’s interesting but I found, this time at least, that the blue-pencil substantially shows through on the final piece. One of the benefits, apparently, to doing this, though, is that you can use photoshop or a Xerox machine to easily remove the blue leaving only your finished lines whereas if you do your rough outline with only a lighter stroke it’s harder to edit it out afterwards.

Here’s the rushed little monkey!

Pencil Drawing of a Capuchin Monkey


Day #048 – Drawing of a Raven

A friend of mine is obsessed with Ravens. He texts me day and night just begging me to draw them from every angle. Sometimes he wants me to draw them from impossible angles like from a satellite orbiting inside a black hole. He has never had a girlfriend but goes on Raven dating websites constantly.  I tell him: “Seek help, Ravens are not that brilliant” but day after day, he continues.

So I relented and drew this Raven. And that’s a true story.

So the good: I think I captured the beak quite well. The general ‘weight’ of the bird looks reasonable. The claws are okay.

The bad: Still not that confident with shading. Some of the edges look rushed / unprofessional.  Tail feathers start looking very meh towards the bottom right. Some parts of the branches are off.

The ugly: War. What is it good for?

[Larger View]

Pencil Drawing of a Raven