Day #341 – Regina Spektor Drawing

Really awful drawing of the brilliant Regina Spektor.

Drawing of Regina Spektor


Day #292 – Reddit User itsalwaysfunny1

Drawing of Reddit user itsalwaysfunny1 as requested in this thread.

I tried to slightly caricature a few features which I was mostly unsuccessful with.

I think the drawing is decent though. Fairly happy with it.

Drawing of Reddit user itsalwaysfunny1


Day #279 – John Krasinski Drawing

Another copy of a caricature I found on the Internet.

Drawing of John Krasinski


Day #271 – Clint Eastwood Caricature

I was browsing the fantastic caricature work of  user Chngch on Deviant Art and decided to do a study of his amazing Clint Eastwood piece.

I think it’s come out quite well and going through this process has made me more aware of certain bones than I was before. Maybe study’s of caricatures could be a good way to learn anatomy easier?

Drawing of Clint Eastwood Caricature