Day #338 – Samurai Drawing

Did this ink drawing of a Samurai. Didn’t finish it off very well but it was late…

Drawing of a SamuraiAlso did this very quick sketch of Irvin D. Yalom.

Drawing of Irvin D. Yalom


Day #325 – Judge Dredd Drawing

A couple of Judge Dredd drawings that I did in front of the TV. Copied from the Day of Chaos collection which is highly recommended. Amazing storytelling and fantastic artists.

Drawings of Judge Dredd


Day #276 – Nikola Tesla Drawing

At first I thought this was coming out quite well but then I looked again and now I hate it… it’s not a very good likeness of the original and it just looks boring and flat.

Drawing of Nikola Tesla


Day #241 – Some More Comic Copies

Another page of quick sketches from the same issue of 2000AD I was copying from yesterday.

Drawings from 2000AD


Day #240 – Leigh Gallagher Copies

Picked up a copy of 2000AD for the first time in years. As a child I used to read it every week with my dad but since then I have only kept up with the major stories intermittently.

There is some fantastic black and white art in this week’s issue by Leigh Gallagher so I copied a few bits from a couple of panels for the day’s work.

Copies of Leigh Gallagher Drawings


Day #186 – Fun with a Pencil X

It’s been a while since I last did a page of drawings from Andrew Loomis’s Fun with a Pencil. I also tried drawing a fast head purely from memory and imagination rather than from a reference. It doesn’t look like much but it’s still probably my best effort at doing something like that because when I started this challenge I really had no idea about head proportions or the way things looked. Obviously it’s poor relative to good art but it’s an improvement on what I’ve done before and I spent probably only 5 minutes on it.

Fun with a pencil day 10

A face from imagination