Day #351 – Aldous Huxley Drawing

It’s almost 2014, it’s a Brave New World and so who better to draw than Mr. Aldous Huxley. Drawing started off okay but ended up getting pretty crappy as I moved past the nose and eyes and tired to draw the rest of the head.

Drawing of Aldous Huxley


Day #349 – Ayn Rand Drawing

Ayn Rand wrote some of the most influential books of all time and I personally rank Atlas Shrugged as one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

I’m pretty pleased with this drawing. Perhaps one of my favorites I’ve done.

Drawing of Ayn Rand


Day #347 – Chopper Drawing

Quick drawing of Chopper Read from the DVD cover of Chopper. Pleased with the proportions and feel of this, for what it is.

Drawing of Chopper Read



Day #346 – Geoffrey Rush Drawing

Drawing of Geoffrey Rush:

Drawing of Geoffrey Rush


Day #344 – Drawing of Tom Hiddleston’s Eyes

Tried to spend a bit more time with the detail of anatomy in this one so I focused on just the eyes and nose. Picked a reference photo of Tom Hiddleston to work from.

Quite happy with it overall.

Drawing of Tom Hiddleston's eyes


Day #340 – Deadwood Drawing

This drawing is garbage.

Drawing of cast of deadwood