Day #365 – Maia Carrying on the Torch

The challenge is over!

I’ve completed the most ambitious challenge I’ve ever set myself. I am pleased.

How much my drawing has improved I’m not really sure. Sometimes I feel not at all… other times I feel it has changed a little for the better. Either way, I’ve definitely drawn every day and with that I can’t argue.

The drawing is another of Maia, the most significant thing that happened to me in 2013. It seems fitting that in the source photograph she was chewing a pencil!

Thanks to anybody who followed my progress and I wish everybody success in their 2014 resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Drawing of Maia holding a pencil


Day #362 – Drawing of Maia’s Cousin

My sister in law bought me some nice art supplies for Christmas. Tested them out further with this drawing of her daughter who is only a few months younger than Maia and extremely cute!

I think the drawing came out quite nicely and it was enjoyable to work with pens and different shades.

Drawing of Maia's Cousin


Day #339 – Wet Hair Nude

Drawing of a nude with wet hair and another of a younger boy. Both done very quicky less than 10 minutes for each drawing.

Drawing of wet hair nude young-boy-drawomg


Day #329 – Maia at 7 Months

Another drawing of baby Maia. 7 months and a bit. Pretty pleased with this overall. I think I captured her likeness quite well.

Drawing of Maia at seven months of age


Day #327 – Wardrobe Drawing

Settled down ready to draw around midnight.

Baby woke up. She has been ill. She was having a hard time going back to sleep. She would fall asleep on me but wake as soon as I tried to put her down. Eventually I almost fell asleep with her on me but realized I still needed to draw. Had to bring my pad into bed so I could keep her from waking while drawing… dim light… her to my left… wardrobe to my right… so that’s what I draw… badly… but with a rare reasonable excuse.

Drawing of my wardrobe


Day #314 – Maia Big Eyes

A drawing from one of my favorite photographs of Maia.

I’m pretty pleased with this. I think it’s really close in proportions to the source. There are some problems though… bridge of the nose is at slightly wrong angle… top of head isn’t quite right… it goes on. But overall I think it’s okay. I spent a bit longer on this drawing than I do most days and I think it paid off.

Drawing of Maia and her big eyes