Day #300 – Maia Sleeping in Charcoal

The final major milestone of my challenge has been reached! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!

Did another Maia drawing. This time I used charcoal on off white paper and finished it with white pastel highlights. I think it turned out fairly well although the proportions are definitely not perfect.

65 days to go… this has easily been the fastest year of my life so far. Scary.

Charcoal Drawing of Maia Asleep


Day #296 – Maia at Six Months

The photo I referenced this from was taken on Maia’s six month birthday which was a few weeks ago. I’m pretty happy with it.

Drawing of Maia looking down


Day #273 – Superman Girl

Reddit user Aeide requested people draw her daughter in her superman outfit. I took a crack at it but decided to act fast and loose in black pen rather than take my time with pencil. It’s been a while since I did something like this and it felt quite liberating and I ended up capturing certain parts of the drawing as well as if I’d taken 3 times as long and been able to erase. Other parts are off but I would expect that and I certainly think there’s something to be learned here about over thinking things.

Drawing of Superman Girl


Day #257 – Profile Face Drawings

A bad sketch of Maia’s feet as she was sleeping next to me on sofa and a couple of profile faces copied from a book:

Drawings of profiles


Day #254 – Maia’s Fifth Month Birthday

The little babby is 5 months old today. The time has just flown by. Here’s a drawing of the snuggle of joy!

Drawing of Maia on her 5 month birthday


Day #251 – Maia and Davy Drawing

Silly drawing of me and Maia… not much detail or accuracy here but Is suppose the general proportions are reasonable… Didn’t spend much time and it shows.

Davy and Maia Drawing