Day #342 – Drawing of a Rose in Colour

I did two things today which I don’t usually do: I drew something other than a person and I added colour. The rose in colour ended up being fun to draw and i think the outcome is reasonable. The outline is better than my colour pencil shading which is something I’ve hardly practiced at all during this challenge and therefore have not really improved past mediocre.

Drawing of a rose in colour


Day #270 – Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Did the following drawing of a Pedro Matos original Graffiti piece which was showcased in a coffee-table book I have rarely looked at. I’m pretty happy with this one.

I also copied another simpler piece from the book and tried a drawing from my imagination with colored pencils which sucks but I expected that.

Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Copy of a piece of graffit by blu

Strange face drawn from imagination


Day #167 – Cup and Coffee Beans Colour Pencil Drawing

So after drawing Kerrygold Butter and Coconut Oil earlier in the week I finished the Bulletproof Coffee trinity today by drawing the more essential ingredient: the damn caffeine! Seriously people, try the recipe. So good!

Colour Pencil drawing of cup with coffee beans


Day #165 – Coconut Oil Drawing

Further to yesterday’s suggestion to put butter in your coffee today I’m pimping bulletproof with a drawing of Coconut Oil… add this to your morning caffeine recipe and your brain will shoot through the roof. BOOM.

Pleased with the feel of this one even if the exact lines are a bit jittery. I feel I should probably be practicing my circles and ovals because they never look very accurate at all.

Coconut Oil Drawing


Day #164 – Kerrygold Butter Drawing

Started putting this stuff in my coffee, highly recommended.

I’m reasonably happy with the outcome of the drawing. I think the proportions are fairly decent but the complicated part where it says ‘Kerrygold’ across the front it gets pretty messy but I suspected that before I even tackled it… very outside my comfort zone. I think I made a mistake in using black pen for the cow… even though it was black on the original product I believe the change in medium makes it seem too separate from the rest of the drawing. I’ve heard that good painters don’t use black paint but rather get a black likeness by mixing various colours together… I believe this might be the reason they do that. Because a pure black would look ‘off’ even if it the area on the object you’re copying looks black to the eye it’s probably not.

Kerrygold Butter



Day #144 – Banana & Apple Still Life in Colour

Continuing with my experiments with colour pencils over the last few days I took the advice of several people and found some time to a drawing from life. I picked a classic combo of an apple and a banana and even did a few gesture drawings of each to warm up and get a feel for the objects from various angles. I’m quite happy with how the final piece came out. Finishing a piece in full-colour is especially satisfying. I don’t know if that’s just because it’s something new at the moment or if it’s just nicer to see things closer to how they appear in reality. Time will tell, my friends!

Colour Pencil Drawing of an Apple and Banana Still Life

And the quick warm up drawings I did:

Some Gesture Drawings of an Apple

Some gesture drawings of a banana