Day #357 – Drawing of Girl in Top Hat

At the in-laws over Christmas so won’t be able to process the photographs of my drawings or resize them properly for the blog so they might not look right. I’ll fix them all when I get home to look how they usually do.

Drawn from a catalog that was laying around. Quite happy with parts of the coat. Unhappy with other parts. Added darks to the face too early and therefore it looks worse than it could have if I’d not have committed too quickly with final strokes.

Drawing of a girl in a top hat



Day #356 – Pointing forward

It’s an ink pen sketch with some white charcoal highlights. Hand is alright… head… not so much.

Drawing of pointing forward


Day #345 – Drawing of me Holding a Towel

This is a self-portrait of sorts. It’s drawn from a reference photograph, taken a few years ago, of me at the beach.

I’m mostly happy with this. I think the proportions and generally feel of the drawing is good. There are a few weaker areas like the front of the head and where the right arm meets the sleeve… I’m pretty happy with the shirt and jeans and how the folds look. The towel I think is mostly good.

Drawing from a photo reference of me at the beach holding a towel


Day #339 – Wet Hair Nude

Drawing of a nude with wet hair and another of a younger boy. Both done very quicky less than 10 minutes for each drawing.

Drawing of wet hair nude young-boy-drawomg


Day #338 – Samurai Drawing

Did this ink drawing of a Samurai. Didn’t finish it off very well but it was late…

Drawing of a SamuraiAlso did this very quick sketch of Irvin D. Yalom.

Drawing of Irvin D. Yalom


Day #330 – Life Drawing Session 16

Tuesday life drawing session. Model brought a pole and pulled off some impressive but awkward poses. Because of this a lot of the warm ups were quick 2 minute drawings and the longer poses were only 5 minutes in length. By contrast the very last pose was a full 30 minutes which gave me a chance to take my time more than usual.

Fairly happy with some of the 5 minute drawings considering the time constraint and I think the 30 minute drawing is reasonable for a tough foreshortened angle.

2 minute drawings 5 minute life drawing Drawing of a pole dancer