Day #343 – Gesture Drawing Session #21

Haven’t done gesture drawing in a while. Did this session of 45 second poses.

Gesture Drawings 45 seconds per pose


Day #330 – Life Drawing Session 16

Tuesday life drawing session. Model brought a pole and pulled off some impressive but awkward poses. Because of this a lot of the warm ups were quick 2 minute drawings and the longer poses were only 5 minutes in length. By contrast the very last pose was a full 30 minutes which gave me a chance to take my time more than usual.

Fairly happy with some of the 5 minute drawings considering the time constraint and I think the 30 minute drawing is reasonable for a tough foreshortened angle.

2 minute drawings 5 minute life drawing Drawing of a pole dancer


Day #302 – Lady on Box

Mixed day today. I think my final drawing of a lady on a box was decent but I felt extremely rusty and awkward on all my warm up drawings. Meh.

Drawing of a lady on a box

Some warm up drawings


Day #298 – Gesture Drawing Session 20

I haven’t done a session of gesture drawings in a while. How I do gesture drawing is usually to use the excellent tool over at pose maniacs. For the exercise today I picked 45 seconds per pose. Felt a bit rusty but good meditative practice.

How to do gesture drawing



Day #281 – Life Drawing Session #11

Tuesday Life-Drawing. Bit happier with Today’s outcomes than previous weeks. A couple I’m almost happy with.

Life Drawing Session 11

Life Drawing Session 11b


Day #260 – Gesture Drawing Session #19

Cut my gesture drawing time to 30 seconds per pose today in an effort to get more out of my head and into making lines without too much analysis. Ended up drawing for quite a long time and it was an enjoyable meditative session.

30 second gesture drawings