Day #348 – Pepper Shaker Drawing

Drawing of a pepper shaker. Also a little something I drew entirely from imagination: a skyscraper thing. Rather unremarkable I know.

Drawing of a Pepper Shaker

Drawing of objects on table

Drawing of a skyscraper from imagination


Day #270 – Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Did the following drawing of a Pedro Matos original Graffiti piece which was showcased in a coffee-table book I have rarely looked at. I’m pretty happy with this one.

I also copied another simpler piece from the book and tried a drawing from my imagination with colored pencils which sucks but I expected that.

Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti

Copy of a piece of graffit by blu

Strange face drawn from imagination


Day #264 – Practicing Cubes

After watching this excellent Proko video I decided to just sit and practice my three-dimensional cubes as I realized I’m not at all good at this basic skill!

Drawing Cubes


Day #238 – Imagination Drawings

A page of sketches. The two big heads (but not the one in the top left) were done from my imagination. I still suck at understanding the anatomy of the head enough to make them look good but that’s entirely my own fault for not studying enough and practicing enough. On the right we have a few smaller drawings from reference.

Nathan is still going strong with his sister site (inspired, quite amazingly, by this blog!) where he is attempting to take a photo every day for a year. Upto day #177 and going strong. The progress is really clear over at his blog so do take a look.

imagination drawings plus a breaking bad sketch



Day #219 – Biro Sketches

Just a few biro sketches… the top three objects were drawn from the table in front of me, of which only the bottle is somewhat successful…

The bottom two figures were drawn from imagination… clearly my imagination is retarded.

Yeah… a lazy day’s work.

Sketches in biro


Day #186 – Fun with a Pencil X

It’s been a while since I last did a page of drawings from Andrew Loomis’s Fun with a Pencil. I also tried drawing a fast head purely from memory and imagination rather than from a reference. It doesn’t look like much but it’s still probably my best effort at doing something like that because when I started this challenge I really had no idea about head proportions or the way things looked. Obviously it’s poor relative to good art but it’s an improvement on what I’ve done before and I spent probably only 5 minutes on it.

Fun with a pencil day 10

A face from imagination