Day #317 – Reddit User Deleted

I did this drawing of a Reddit user who deleted his account before I could post this as a reply to his request.

It’s a bit different from what I usually do. I inked my very rough pencil outline and tried some curved cross-hatching in a very loose/fast (read: lazy) style.

Not too sure what I think of the result overall but I do think the hand looks decent.

Drawing of a deleted Reddit user


Day #277 – Abraham Lincoln Pen Drawing

A few drawings… not very happy with them… Quick pen drawing of Lincoln another wine glass and a paperclip.

Drawing of Abraham Lincoln

Drawing of a wine glass

Drawing of a paperclip


Day #273 – Superman Girl

Reddit user Aeide requested people draw her daughter in her superman outfit. I took a crack at it but decided to act fast and loose in black pen rather than take my time with pencil. It’s been a while since I did something like this and it felt quite liberating and I ended up capturing certain parts of the drawing as well as if I’d taken 3 times as long and been able to erase. Other parts are off but I would expect that and I certainly think there’s something to be learned here about over thinking things.

Drawing of Superman Girl


Day #229 – Drawing of Reddit User _WritersBlockPoet

It’s a drawing of the Reddit user _WritersBlockPoet’s brother. Tried to mix things up a bit by doing a light pencil sketch on toned paper then inking over it and adding white pastel highlights. I think it looks alright.

Drawing of Reddit User _WritersBlockPoet's brother


Day #219 – Biro Sketches

Just a few biro sketches… the top three objects were drawn from the table in front of me, of which only the bottle is somewhat successful…

The bottom two figures were drawn from imagination… clearly my imagination is retarded.

Yeah… a lazy day’s work.

Sketches in biro


Day #141 – Drawing of Boxes

Did a simple drawing today of some empty boxes that are laying in my room long ready to be disposed of.

Decided to ink the initial pencil sketch and add some colour to the drawing to make it a little more interesting and it’s certainly quite fun mixing in colour after working so often in pencil. Need to buy a proper set of colour pencils so I can do it more often as my current set is mixing almost all the colours, but not brown, thankfully!

Drawing of boxes