Day #327 – Wardrobe Drawing

Settled down ready to draw around midnight.

Baby woke up. She has been ill. She was having a hard time going back to sleep. She would fall asleep on me but wake as soon as I tried to put her down. Eventually I almost fell asleep with her on me but realized I still needed to draw. Had to bring my pad into bed so I could keep her from waking while drawing… dim light… her to my left… wardrobe to my right… so that’s what I draw… badly… but with a rare reasonable excuse.

Drawing of my wardrobe


Day #305 – Inside My Room

What do you do when you realize its’ going to take longer than you thought to draw something? You just stop of course! My blog; my rules… bitch!

This is a view of the interior of my office where I spend most of my day. I think it’s a reasonable drawing but not anything great.

Drawing of the inside of my room


Day #227 – Drawing of Curtains

Did this quick drawing of the curtains in our living room. Not much of a drawing but that’s all I got for you all today… so tired.

Drawing of our curtains


Day #207 – Drawing of a Sink

I took quite a long time over this one and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Drawing of a sink


Day #135 – Baby Cards on Shelf

Very tired and a little tipsy for the first time in months as I drew this at like 1:00am… not my best work at all. I basically drew the only area of the living room which I haven’t already covered in previous drawings. There are lots of nice baby cards there at the moment which I assure you are all very nice to look at… this drawing makes them all look ridiculous. Apologies.

Drawing of baby cards on mantelpiece


Day #085 – Bedside Lamp Drawing

Today’s drawing is my second attempt at using toned paper and white pastel highlights. I picked a subject which I thought would lend itself to the medium: my bedside lamp. Because of the low light in the room it was a little hard to see how my drawing actually looked as I was doing it but I think it turned out reasonable in the end. I’m happy with the light and the base and I think the cord looks quite good. Not so happy with the books or the ‘stem’ connecting the base to the light (shading looks a bit inconsistent with rest of image).

Inserting highlights is definitely a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to practicing more in this way in the future.

Drawing of my bedside lamp