Day #332 – Another Self Portrait

On day #25 I tried a self-portrait as part of an exercise recommended by the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It totally sucked. Today I tried another one and I feel like it was a lot more successful. Perhaps I am improving slowly after all! Done using a mirror. It actually felt really useful as I didn’t need to guess if I wanted to go into detail, I could just move closer to the mirror and see check anything I wanted to check. I can see that disciplining yourself to do this often would help a ton with anatomy and proportions etc.

Another self portrait


Day #330 – Life Drawing Session 16

Tuesday life drawing session. Model brought a pole and pulled off some impressive but awkward poses. Because of this a lot of the warm ups were quick 2 minute drawings and the longer poses were only 5 minutes in length. By contrast the very last pose was a full 30 minutes which gave me a chance to take my time more than usual.

Fairly happy with some of the 5 minute drawings considering the time constraint and I think the 30 minute drawing is reasonable for a tough foreshortened angle.

2 minute drawings 5 minute life drawing Drawing of a pole dancer


Day #327 – Wardrobe Drawing

Settled down ready to draw around midnight.

Baby woke up. She has been ill. She was having a hard time going back to sleep. She would fall asleep on me but wake as soon as I tried to put her down. Eventually I almost fell asleep with her on me but realized I still needed to draw. Had to bring my pad into bed so I could keep her from waking while drawing… dim light… her to my left… wardrobe to my right… so that’s what I draw… badly… but with a rare reasonable excuse.

Drawing of my wardrobe


Day #323 – Life Drawing Session 15

Another week another session of life drawing. Not especially happy with today’s output with the possible exception of the last drawing which although unfinished I think is a decent stab at a difficult angle.

Drawing of standing figures





Day #316 – Life Drawing Session 14

Interesting life drawing session today. Every few months they mix it up and give the class free to anybody who tries posing for 15 minutes. I wasn’t about to do it but it meant that there were several different models to draw some of whom were clothed. I don’t usually get to practice drawing fabric on the figure and I think those drawings ended up being my most successful.

This was the first model, 15 minutes:

Drawing of lady on pillow


A series of mostly 5 minute drawings that were less successful:

Drawing of man holding skull

Then this drawing was only 7 minutes. I was really happy with how well it came out considering the time restraint:

Drawing of man laying back in jeans

And this final 15 minute drawing which I was also pleased with:

Man sitting on chair


Day #309 – Life Drawing Session 13

A fun life drawing session today. The guy who runs it did some themed poses with another model on the topic of ‘conspiracy’ as it’s November 5th where, here in the uk, we celebrate the anniversary of Guy Fawke’s attempt to blow up parliament.

Warm ups:

Warm up life drawing sketches


Plotting the blowing up of parliament with a cameo from the V for Vendetta mask!

Life drawing of Guy Fawkes plot



Stabbed from behind


Recreation of Kennedy assasination (with much discussion about how it was 110% definitely a conspiracy as he held the pose):

Drawing of Kennedy Assasination