Day #364 – Stefan Molyneux Drawing

For my penultimate drawing I’ve chosen Stefan Molyneux, who has one of the most interesting channels on the Internet.

Fairly happy with the outcome… not a great likeness but looks alright if you didn’t know who it was supposed to be, I guess.

Drawing of Stefan Molyneux


Day #363 – Tony Soprano Drawing

Continuing to experiment with my pens. It’s the late Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.

Drawing of Tony Soprano


Day #362 – Drawing of Maia’s Cousin

My sister in law bought me some nice art supplies for Christmas. Tested them out further with this drawing of her daughter who is only a few months younger than Maia and extremely cute!

I think the drawing came out quite nicely and it was enjoyable to work with pens and different shades.

Drawing of Maia's Cousin


Day #361 – Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix

Drawing of this Reddit user:

Drawing of Reddit User Quoth_the_phoenix



Day #105 – Drawing Bryguy49 on Reddit “Prospector Face”

Did another drawing of a user from the Reddit Gets Drawn community. Again I used the ink on toned paper with white pastel highlights method. No pencils used and no erasing possible so it forces me to be more careful with my initial lines and not pick at them or get as distracted. Thanks to Bryguy49 for providing the reference photo, you hairy beast you!

Drawing of bryguy49 on Reddit


Day #103 – Drawing of my Brother playing Xbox

Yesterday my wife gave birth to our first child so things have been crazy in the run up and aftermath. Brilliant, of course, but manic! My mum and brother were staying overnight at the house so I managed a quick sketch of my bro  playing Rock Band (with hair that long he’s made for rocking out!) on Xbox with the Keyboard peripheral before I left to return to hospital. Very loose, very quick sketching with pen and white pastel on toned paper. No erasing or taking my time. As a result it’s pretty poor but this blog isn’t called “Every day a good drawing” now is it? People, you get what you pay for!

Expect lots of drawings of my beautiful baby girl (no bias here!) in the coming weeks and months. She’s definitely going to be the biggest object of my attention for many moons to come.

Drawing of my brother playing Rock Band 3 on Xbox with the keyboard