Day #348 – Pepper Shaker Drawing

Drawing of a pepper shaker. Also a little something I drew entirely from imagination: a skyscraper thing. Rather unremarkable I know.

Drawing of a Pepper Shaker

Drawing of objects on table

Drawing of a skyscraper from imagination


Day #306 – More Mannequins

Had a hangover today and riding off a lack of sleep. Felt very demotivated. Managed to slog out a few mannequin drawings in the evening. Not happy with them.

More drawings of mannequins


Day #301 – Charcoal Drawing of Mannequin

Combined the drawings of the last two days: Repeating the object from two days ago with the medium of yesterday. CHARCOAL MANNEQUIN!
Don’t think it looks that great. I find it hard to control the charcoal on the edges of the forms which makes it look scrappy and amateur.

Drawing of a Mannequin in Charcoal



Day #299 – Mannequin Drawings

Bought this Mannequin so I could practice seeing the body in terms of shapes and form and also so I’d have something more useful to observe and sketch in front of the TV in the evening.

Quite happy with my first two drawings.

Drawings of Mannequins


Day #291 – Drawing of Baby’s Bib

A drawing of Maia’s bib that I’m quite happy with. Also drew a cup.

Drawing of a Baby's bib

Drawing of a cup


Day #283 – Toy Dog Drawing

I did a drawing of Maia’s toy dog as it sat against the wall and her mum read her stories. It’s something a bit different and kind of a simple drawing but I think it looks reasonable.

Drawing of a toy dog