Day #255 – More Head Proportions

Quick attempt to refresh my mind about head-proportions. Unfortunately I only worked on the length and messed up the width so all the proportions end up wrong anyway. Oh well:

Drawing of head proportions


Day #184 – Lips and Shadows

A few more drawings and notes from the Bob Kato DVD. One very interesting thing he mentioned was that if you have a contrast between your shadow types (cast shadows with hard edges and soft shadows where a plane on a form changes) the drawing will very quickly take on the illusion of being very detailed. This is one of the ways that drawings can quickly ‘come to life’ even though the sketch might be highly incomplete. I think this idea is demonstrated reasonably well in the small head drawing in the bottom left of this page:

How to draw the lips


Day #183 – Eye and Nose Theory

I was watching Bob Kato’s videos on Drawing the Adult Male Head and took a few notes and did a few drawings of what he was showing along the way. I’m pretty pleased with these as I took my time and I think they look reasonably good.

Notes on how to draw the eyes and nose


Day #161 – Structure of Man & Gesture Drawing Practice

A good practice session today. About 45 minutes of gesture drawings and some more theory work following along with The Structure of Man videos.

Session 2 in my following along with "The Structure of Man"


Session 13 of my regular gesture drawings


Day #153 – The Structure of Man Day 1

Started following along with some Youtube Videos from ‘The Structure of Man’ course. Not sure where it’ll take me but seems interesting so far and Snowy said it was good back in the early days of this challenge. These are just a page of my follow along drawings.

Day 1 in following along with The Structure of Man


Day #136 – How to Draw Feet

I found this JPEG after doing a search on Google for ‘how to draw feet’ and I decided to copy all the feet from the page as practice and write out the notes too to help the nuggets of wisdom stick. The result is a page very similar to the original but it was fun to draw. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that. How to Draw Feet