Day #296 – Maia at Six Months

The photo I referenced this from was taken on Maia’s six month birthday which was a few weeks ago. I’m pretty happy with it.

Drawing of Maia looking down


Day #254 – Maia’s Fifth Month Birthday

The little babby is 5 months old today. The time has just flown by. Here’s a drawing of the snuggle of joy!

Drawing of Maia on her 5 month birthday


Day #251 – Maia and Davy Drawing

Silly drawing of me and Maia… not much detail or accuracy here but Is suppose the general proportions are reasonable… Didn’t spend much time and it shows.

Davy and Maia Drawing


Day #247 – Maia On Her Front

Not the best drawing I’ve ever done of Maia… a bit rushed:

Maia with her head up


Day #217 – Life Drawing Maia

A few warm up (crappy…) gesture drawings of Maia in her bouncer and then a few more careful (but fairly quick) life-drawings of her sleeping face in more detail…

On the faces the one on the left is most successful but the ear lets it down. The middle one is proportionally all wrong. Either the eyes are too small or the lips and nose are too big… if you split them apart though the features individually are close-ish. On the right I’m kinda happy enough with the nose as the angle was unusual… left eye is very wrong though.

Maia Gesture Drawings

Maia Life Drawings


Day #216 – Page of Anatomy Drawings

Did this sketchbook page:

#1 My foot… the toes aren’t awful but the length of the whole thing is kinda off.

#2 Not much to say about this… ran out of space to do the difficult part… how convenient ;)

#3 My favorite of the three. Maia’s arm resting on her leg. Quite happy with the proportions here. Captured while she was asleep.

Page of Anatomy Sketches