Day #300 – Maia Sleeping in Charcoal

The final major milestone of my challenge has been reached! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!

Did another Maia drawing. This time I used charcoal on off white paper and finished it with white pastel highlights. I think it turned out fairly well although the proportions are definitely not perfect.

65 days to go… this has easily been the fastest year of my life so far. Scary.

Charcoal Drawing of Maia Asleep


Day #280 – Joey Coco Diaz Drawing

Drew Joey Diaz on toned paper and used white pastel for highlights:

Drawing of Joey Diaz


Day #109 – Drawing Schnodda’s Brother

I’ve done another request on Reddit Gets Drawn today. It’s the brother of user schnodda dressed fairly eccentrically. He asked people draw him as a birthday present. I’m pretty sure he’d prefer gift vouchers…

Drawing of Reddit user schonodda's brother



Day #107 – Drawing for Reddit User veryfancydoilies

Another drawing for a user over at Reddit Gets Drawn. With the house being exceptionally manic with the arrival of our new baby girl I’m finding when I get a spare 30 minutes I can’t be thinking too long about what I want to draw so having other people decide for me by making requests is a nice solution. I think I enjoy drawing people the most so it keeps things pleasurable too. Pretty happy with how this one turned out:

Drawing of a friend of Reddit user veryfancydoilies



Day #103 – Drawing of my Brother playing Xbox

Yesterday my wife gave birth to our first child so things have been crazy in the run up and aftermath. Brilliant, of course, but manic! My mum and brother were staying overnight at the house so I managed a quick sketch of my bro  playing Rock Band (with hair that long he’s made for rocking out!) on Xbox with the Keyboard peripheral before I left to return to hospital. Very loose, very quick sketching with pen and white pastel on toned paper. No erasing or taking my time. As a result it’s pretty poor but this blog isn’t called “Every day a good drawing” now is it? People, you get what you pay for!

Expect lots of drawings of my beautiful baby girl (no bias here!) in the coming weeks and months. She’s definitely going to be the biggest object of my attention for many moons to come.

Drawing of my brother playing Rock Band 3 on Xbox with the keyboard


Day #085 – Bedside Lamp Drawing

Today’s drawing is my second attempt at using toned paper and white pastel highlights. I picked a subject which I thought would lend itself to the medium: my bedside lamp. Because of the low light in the room it was a little hard to see how my drawing actually looked as I was doing it but I think it turned out reasonable in the end. I’m happy with the light and the base and I think the cord looks quite good. Not so happy with the books or the ‘stem’ connecting the base to the light (shading looks a bit inconsistent with rest of image).

Inserting highlights is definitely a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to practicing more in this way in the future.

Drawing of my bedside lamp