Day #361 – Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix

Drawing of this Reddit user:

Drawing of Reddit User Quoth_the_phoenix



Day #317 – Reddit User Deleted

I did this drawing of a Reddit user who deleted his account before I could post this as a reply to his request.

It’s a bit different from what I usually do. I inked my very rough pencil outline and tried some curved cross-hatching in a very loose/fast (read: lazy) style.

Not too sure what I think of the result overall but I do think the hand looks decent.

Drawing of a deleted Reddit user


Day #292 – Reddit User itsalwaysfunny1

Drawing of Reddit user itsalwaysfunny1 as requested in this thread.

I tried to slightly caricature a few features which I was mostly unsuccessful with.

I think the drawing is decent though. Fairly happy with it.

Drawing of Reddit user itsalwaysfunny1


Day #273 – Superman Girl

Reddit user Aeide requested people draw her daughter in her superman outfit. I took a crack at it but decided to act fast and loose in black pen rather than take my time with pencil. It’s been a while since I did something like this and it felt quite liberating and I ended up capturing certain parts of the drawing as well as if I’d taken 3 times as long and been able to erase. Other parts are off but I would expect that and I certainly think there’s something to be learned here about over thinking things.

Drawing of Superman Girl


Day #229 – Drawing of Reddit User _WritersBlockPoet

It’s a drawing of the Reddit user _WritersBlockPoet’s brother. Tried to mix things up a bit by doing a light pencil sketch on toned paper then inking over it and adding white pastel highlights. I think it looks alright.

Drawing of Reddit User _WritersBlockPoet's brother


Day #199 – Reddit For_Drizzle Drawing

Drawing on this request at r/RedditGetsDrawn.

Not very impressed with myself. Nose is bad. Eyes are bad. Generally it’s pretty bad.

Drawing of Reddit user for_drizzle